3 Most common dental problems and it’s treatment

3 Most common dental problems and it’s treatment

Are you lacking in having a healthy teeth ?

Although there is nothing like having a perfect teeth set, there are certain problems that make our smile unattractive and not normal which are not generally dental problems but can be treated now as the technologies have advanced to a greater level.

This is nowadays done by teeth whitening, dental implants, orthodontics or other cosmetic dental work .by these treatments one can correct the deformity they are having and have bright nice teeth.

Most common dental problems and their treatment

1. Bad Breath:

Bad breath is one of the common dental problems and no one likes to have a bad breath because it also becomes a cause for embarrassment, but what people often do is that they ignore it and never try to find the reason behind it , rather they just start brushing more rigorously and that is not the case .

This disease is also called halitosis . It is a caused majorly because of cavities, oral cancer, dry mouth, bacteria on the tongue, gum disease etc and other common dental problems. Using a mouthwash o rigorous brushing will only damage the tissue and cover up the odor and not solve the basic problem and therefore it becomes essential to visit a dentist for it. Gum diseases and skipping brushing your teeth also causes bad breath

It Is advised to brush two times a day, first after your breakfast and second after your dinner and even though Many people don’t brush before sleeping at night, and that is what causes most of the oral problems.

2. Tooth Decay:

Tooth decay is caused when, the plaque which is a sticky substance that forms on teeth, combines with sugar and starches which are present in the meal and food we are consuming, they combine together and produce acids that attack tooth enamel. Cavities can happen in age group, it is not only happening because of chocolates, but it also happens when we don’t care properly when we sleep without proper mouthwash and brushing .It. Can develop as tooth enamel-erodes and also due to dry mouth due to age and various medications that are taken in the process.

The best way in which tooth decay can be avoided is, by having regular dental check-ups, brushing your teeth twice a day, especially before sleeping and flossing, eating healthy foods and avoiding junk can also help to reduce the risk.

Do you still have a  tooth decay, then book an appointment at the best dentist in Lucknow.  

3. Oral cancer:

Oral cancer is recently the most spreading diseases and especially in rural areas to age groups as rural areas are more prone to eating tobacco and smoking. It is a deadly disease and affects millions of people buy it, but it is generally curable if diagnosed in the early stages of life. The biggest reasons for its cause are alcohol use tobacco and also includes chewing tobacco. Get your appointments for the best endodontist in Lucknow.

The symptoms are generally sores, or lumps and rough areas in the mouth. There might also be a change in bite or difficulty while chewing, swallowing or moving your tongue or jaw.

If one goes for regular dental check-ups it becomes easier to catch oral cancer and being curable it also doesn’t have to turn out to be hazardous.

These are some of the common dental problems a person suffers from but often fails to notice them.


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