Oral Health

Best Orthodontidist in lucknow

Orthodontists in lucknow are the people who work on a particular aspect of the human teeth such as strengthening , gum bleeds etc. An best orthodontist in lucknow receives special training to fix misaligned teeth. If a dentist refers you to an orthodontist, the inference is that your teeth aren’t quite right. It’s not a

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Would You Be Able To Recognize Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is becoming deadly and it’s already on the rise! Smoking and drinking alcohol can put you at high risk for developing this cancer, but there are many who are not parts of this “high risk” group who have also been affected by this oral cancer. “National Oral Cancer awareness week is conducted every

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3 Signs that you might need a Root Canal Treatment

Root canal is a common treatment used to remove the infected, inflamed and damaged pulp from a tooth to save a natural tooth while restoring the tooth’s functions. Though root canal treatment used widely restorative procedures, many people are hesitate to undergo the procedure. In most cases, the process is performed with adverse complications. However,

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